Kilimanjaro Foods

Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing, to the highest peak of Africa with at elevation of 5895m cannot be achieved in a day.

For the summit, it takes 5 to 9 days according the route have chosen by hikers. As health is the major key for any success, we give priority to the nutritious Kilimanjaro Food and fluid for the summit. You will get hearty breakfast during your trekking. Kilimanjaro Food Menu includes - sausage, cereal, fruits, eggs and toast with marmalade or jam. You can also get hot drinks like tea, coffee or hot chocolate which is very helpful in morning on higher altitude. Our cooks always provide various kind of Kilimanjaro Food to give a nutritious and delicious meal.

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Your Kilimanjaro Food Samples for lunch includes the packed food which was cooked in early morning or you have to stop for a hot cooked lunch. Lunch includes boiled egg, sandwiches, soup, rice, vegetables, chicken, casserole, chips, chicken, crisps, snack bar, fresh fruit, etc.

You will serve with tea, peanuts, popcorn and biscuits as your Kilimanjaro Snacks after getting once in your camp in afternoon. In each stop, you will get purified water, teas, coffee, and hot chocolate. Dinners begin with a nice hearty soup, and chicken curry, spaghetti Bolognese, fresh vegetables, rice, pasta or potatoes, followed by a yummy dessert such as pancakes or banana fritters with maple syrup as main course. You will enjoy the hearty and delicious varieties of meal with high quality during the trekking to Mount Kilimanjaro.

Another important Kilimanjaro FAQ is about the difficulty in climbing the mountain. With the best Kilimanjaro Guides provided by Tanzania Safari Kenya your trek will be quite easy. So choose us while planning your next Kilimanjaro trip for a exciting new adventure that we will carefully plan and provide you.

Kilimanjaro Foods

Kilimanjaro Foods

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