Kilimanjaro Porters

Without Kilimanjaro Porters, there is no possible summit success while Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing. This mountain is world’s highest freestanding mountain with an elevation of 5895m and it is not possible to go for hiking by lifting up the camping and trekking gears on your own.

In the most common Kilimanjaro FAQ we are often asked -How Much Should You Tip Porters on Kilimanjaro? As per your desire and satisfaction in service you could decide to tip the porters. It could be USD 8 to USD10.

Kilimanjaro porters are dedicated men and women in between 18 and 40 ages helping hikers to carry their gears. But, the cheap budget tour operators pay less or to the porters on which the entire trekking depends.

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How Porters Get Exploited?

  • When there is a cut throat competition among tourism companies, budget operators save their money by cutting the wages of employees like porters.
  • Most of the porters work on a freelance basis and sometimes, they even offer the money to the tour guides to get the job.
  • Though, minimum wage of a porter is TZS 20, 000 or US$9, most of the tour operator pay less. Sometimes, they do not get paid at all for their work. As a result, the porters depend on the Kilimanjaro Porter Tips given by hikers.
  • The porters do not get adequate equipments like sleeping bags, tents, warm clothing on high altitude, proper meals, and footwear, which results into the death.
  • Though Kilimanjaro Porter Weight Limit set by Kilimanjaro park officials is up to 20 kg during Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing, it has been seen that most of the Kilimanjaro Porters lift up to 40 kg. The reason for this extra weight is the replacement of sick porters who fall into the sickness for the inadequate equipments.

Tanzania Safari Kenya looks after the safety standards of these porters and abides by the rules set by the officials. We also provide you with well-trained Kilimanjaro Guides that help you ascend the great summit with ease. So think no more and start your Kilimanjaro trip booking with us now!

Kilimanjaro Porters

Kilimanjaro Porters

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