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The Tanzania Customs & Cuisines are world famous for its delicious food, rich cultural heritage, traditions and more. On your Tanzania Safari Tours you will encounter not only the local dishes of Tanzania but also world famous dishes that are well-liked in the top Tanzanian restaurants.

Tanzania Customs & Cuisinesare diverse which were transformed while Arab traders, Portuguese and Europeans came here.

  • Though food of most of the east African countries is similar, Tanzania cuisine contains coconut and bananas.
  • Ugali, the famous dish is a type of porridge in which “Ugali” is used as a ‘spoon’ to eat the meal.
  • Spice Islands of Zanzibar is famous for the production of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and black pepper. You should taste Pilau masala once, which is a unique spice blend made by the combination of nutmeg, cloves, black pepper, andcinnamon. It is used in many rice and stew recipes.
  • In dessert, you will get fresh fruit in this region. Honey and coconut are very common often consumed with other fruits like mango or pineapple.
  • Spices were introduced by the Arab traders and used in pilau, biriyani, etc.
  • In the coastal regions, you should enjoy the delicious dishes like Pilau, Bagia, Biryani, kabab, kashata (made up of coconut and ground nuts), and Sambusa.
  • On your Tanzania Safari Toursto the mainland of the country, you can enjoy less spicy foods. Among the food, grilled meat nyamachoma and roasted ndayu are very popular. However, Tanzania foods are high on starch and meat is not consumed widely.
  • You will get Chai as the breakfast beverage and coffee is a famous drink.

The Best Time to Visit Tanzania is from June to September. Although in this period more number of visitors flock in and the crowd is more. With the best answers to Tanzania Faq’s provided by Tanzania Safaris Kenya, you will know all the right things to do in your Tanzania trip. Another important aspect of Tanzania Customs & Cuisines is that the food is consumed sitting on mats. While eating, always take small portions in the first round, always use right hand and do not sniff your food.

Tanzania Customs & Cuisines

Tanzania Customs & Cuisines

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