6 Days Bushmen Tour

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6 Days Bushmen Tour

6 Days Bushmen Tour,This cultural program will give you a chance to go hunting and berry picking with the unique Hadzabe and Datoga tribe, and learn about how they live.



6 exciting days full of tribal life at Lake Eyasi: From Lake Eyasi, you will visit the Hadzabe tribe who are hunter gatherers. The Hadzabe use an ancient dialet that is similar to the clicking tribe of South Africa.

Some of the Hadzabes still live as nomads though more and more are settling down. The Hadzabe tribe members who still living in the forest, hunt small animals that are found around the area ranging from dik dik to baboons. The Datoga people are like the Maasai, and are just as interesting.

6 Days Bushmen Tour

I T I N E R A R Y:
Arrival days :Arrive at Kilimanjaro International Airport and transfer to Arusha town for dinner and overnight.

Day1: Lake Eyasi

In the early morning transferred from your hotel in Arusha and depart for Lake Eyasi, east of Lake Manyara. After arrival at the Lake Eyasi, a guided walks to get familiar with the surroundings and learn more about the culture around here. You will have a very active day before returning to the camp for dinner and overnight.


Day 2: Full Day Bushmen Tour

In the morning after break fast, you will have an exciting day. Accompanied by a local guide you will be introduced to the Hadzabe Bushmen in the morning, and then you will take off for food gathering. You will see the places where they collect fruits and roots and find their water during dry season. Your guide is very experienced and will interpret what we will get to see, your guide will show you around where the Hadzabe live – they use caves as a home. Return to the camp for dinner and overnight


Day 3:Hadzabe Daily life

After break fast, you will hike together with the Hadzabe. You will see how they make fire and which typed of trees is suitable for what purpose. The Hadzabe will show you where they collect honey and teach you how they cure diseases preparing medicines of nature’s gifts. You will be back to your camp for dinner and overnight


Day 4:Visit Datoga Nomads

After breakfast you will visit the Datoga nomads, a group of families’ living around Lake Eyasi as well. Your local guide speaks their language and can answer any question. The Datoga are mostly pastoralists and are used to biological food. They move from place to place to find good pastures for their animals. At dinner time you will return to the Camp for dinner and overnight.


Day 5:vDatoga daily life

Right after breakfast you will return to the Datoga to learn more about their way of life. You will see them digging holes for water. They will show you how they keep their food. And if you are lucky there is a ceremonial party we can attend. The best season for wedding and circumcision ceremonies is from January to July. You will return to your camp for dinner and overnight.


Day 6:Visit Backsmith

Your last day will start quite early in the morning your guide will take you to the place where the Datoga blacksmith lives. He makes jewelry as well as weapons using a local method to melt iron. You will watch him making weapons – the Datoga use arrows, spears and knives. You will have a very interesting morning, be back to the camp for lunch and then get ready for your way back. You will drive to Arusha for dinner and overnight..



Pick up from the hotel in Arusha town and transfer to Kilimanjaro International Airport where you will connect to your home flight. You will have an adventurous time with the Hadzabe and the Datoga and will return home with precious memories and photos.
End of 6 Days Bushmen Tour

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