Tanzania Luxury Mobile Camps

Tanzania Luxury Mobile Camps An era almost extinct, the days of heavy canvas hunting camps set for the likes of Roosevelt and Dinesen were almost over, until Photographic Safaris gained acceptance.

Our Luxury Mobile Tented Camps are tasteful, extremely comfortable and above all mobile, allowing us complete freedom to follow the movement of the great migratory herds.Taken from the designs of old, we have modified and improved on the original style of Camps creating what we believe to be the finest mobile camp available.


Game viewing from the vehicle is one of the core activities of a wildlife safari. Drives are conducted in the morning and evening, but depending on time of year and weather conditions may extend throughout the day. It is often best to head out for a game drive very early after a quick cup of coffee and a muffin, returning later for a leisurely breakfast. Alternatively a camp breakfast could be followed by a long morning game scouting drive with a picnic carried along and eaten whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Evening game drives are generally very rewarding, and it is during these times that we expect the best light for photography and enjoying the ever magnificent African bush scenery.


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