Tanzania Walking Safaris

Walking Safaris into the Tanzanian Wilds

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Our Tanzania walking safaris are genuinely unique. We have developed walks in some of the most remote corners of Tanzania and we think these walks are one of the best African experiences you can have. We are pioneers in setting up walking safaris, particularly in the Serengeti National Park.

Our most popular itineraries run from 2,6 to 12 days and can be inserted as part of a vehicle based game viewing safari or they can stand alone.

Walking trips allow us to visit the more remote and unspoiled parts of the country and to see the landscape and culture with very little outside influence. All walking trips include time spent with either hunter gatherer tribes



Tanzania Walking Safaris

Day 1 Arrival

Arrive in Tanzania meet and greet with Tanzania & Kenya Safaris Officials transfer for an overnight at Ndarakwai Camp


Day 2 Full day walking at Ndarakwai Ranch.



Days 3-5 :Serengeti Light Mobile Camp

The Masai have granted us special permission to camp on their private land bordering the Serengeti, which allows us extraordinary access to the wildlife. The small and large game we encounter on a foot safari offers a much more complete picture of life within the Serengeti ecosystem than what we see from a vehicle, and our guides open this fascinating world to us through their extensive knowledge. Our days are filled with exhilarating walks amid towering kopjes (rock outcrops), through open grasslands, and along seasonal river systems. Along the way, we pause to watch elephants as they gather to drink at waterholes, look for plains game, from graceful impalas to the huge eland, the largest of antelopes, and scan the sky for various eagles, vultures, and other birds of prey soaring in the updrafts. Since we’re on foot, we can also examine birds’ nests and look for large leopard tortoises, multi-colored agama lizards basking on the rocks, a colorful host of butterflies, and marvelous birdlife from malachite kingfishers to grey-crowned cranes. Each evening, we gather around the campfire under a canopy of stars for a fine meal and discuss the days’ adventures before we drift to sleep to the sounds of the African night—this truly is “Tanzania’s ultimate walking safari!”


Days 7-10 :Migration Private Camp

Heading into the central Serengeti, we camp in fantastic wilderness setting in a secluded section of Serengeti National Park far from the lodges. We immerse ourselves in the “great migration” by 4WD vehicle, observing vast numbers of migrating wildebeest and zebra, along with giraffe, buffalo, topi, hart beest, water buck, impala, reed buck, bush buck, dikdik, hippo, crocodiles , and diverse bird life. We are likely to see large prides of lions lounging in the grasslands or perhaps fresh from a kill, and we’ll keep an eye out for spotted hyena patrolling in matriarchal clans. The river tracks offer the best chance to see leopard, usually in the branches of acacia or sausage trees. Cheetah can also be seen here as well as serval and caracal, two smaller African cats.


Day 10. Depart

Morning Depart to Arusha, with game drive en route, arrive in Arusha drop of to the Airport for your Home flight.

End of Tanzania Walking Safaris



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