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About Tanzania & Kenya Safaris

Tanzania Safari Kenya is an African safari tour operator which came into existence almost a decade ago. We have been providing countless and marvelous experiences to our clients visiting Africa every year. We have introduced the authentic African culture to the people across the world and connecting their lives to better and brighter opportunities globally.

Our Story

The tourism industry that we helped flourish in Africa has greatly shaped and transformed millions of people in the continent. Our incredible services and unsurpassed customer satisfaction has been the key to an everlasting bond with our clients. With over a decade’s experience in Tanzania and Kenya safaris we have achieved remarkable expertise in the services we provide and are soon planning to branch into other African countries. We not only offer the most contemporary, relaxed and safe travel experience to our customers but their contentment and delight on the trip is our highest priority.

Our Mission

To deliver exclusive, exciting and the finest of all safari experiences throughout Africa. We make the African safaris a dream come true for all our customers as they return home with countless memories of joy and amazement. We thrive to provide thoughtfully designed carbon neutral safaris to donate back to the nature and to the social-economic status of places visited by our tourists. Our mission is to not only provide our clients with the best memorable safari tours suited to their needs but also excellent quality, comfort and professionalism with a personalized touch to the safari.

Our Vision

Tanzania & Kenya Safaris take pride in being among the best and most ethically-responsible tour operators in East Africa. In order to support that vision, we believe it is essential to connect as many of the elements that make an outstanding safari adventure to our clients as is possible. As you would expect of a well-established, professional organisation, we have certain core values which are at the heart of everything we do. You can read about these below: they will tell you a bit about ‘Who We Are’. Quality of product & value for money., Responsibility & accountability

Tanzania & Kenya Safaris

Why Choose Us

To deliver exclusive, exciting and the finest of all safari experiences throughout Africa. Our mission is to not only provide our clients with the best memorable safari tours suited to their needs but also excellent quality, comfort and professionalism with a personalised touch to the safari.

  • We derive our expertise from our decade long experience.
  • Our award winning services will let you enjoy a worry free travel.
  • We provide competitive prices eliminating any third parties commissions.
  • Unlike other African Safari tour operators we are locally based and employ 100% Tanzanians for all your field services.
  • We are available to serve you 24/7 with our well crated customer service support.

Best Price Guarantee

We provide the best competitive prices without any third party intervention. Our packages are not just reasonable but also affordable to accommodate in your budget safaris. You will not regret investing even penny in this trip.

Super-Fast Booking

Our staff and travel experts will help in the lightning fast booking and other related customer services. These trained professionals will solve your every query and fulfill any personalized demands that you need in your trip.

Great support (24/7)

We provide 24/7 dedicated Safari Support. We are here constantly serving you and clearing your queries regarding your African Safari trip. Our tailor made services and packages will make your African safari tour enjoyable and memorable.

Best Destinations

Our travel packages and itineraries are articulately designed to suit every traveler’s needs. We will take you to the most adventurous, exciting, and serene locations as well as the most wild and scenic destinations as per your preferences.

Responsible Travel

Eco-tourism is our highest priority and we make sure we give equally back to nature what we receive. A percentage of each trip supports some of the backward communities of Africa providing them a livelihood and healthcare needs.

Local Experienced Guides

Our trained guides you take you around the tour are the same local citizens living around these destinations. They are not just well travelled but poses at least five years of experience in touring and guiding the visitors.

We're Truely Dedicated To Make Your Travel Experience As Much Simple And Fun as Possible

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Tanzania & Kenya

Experts Team

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Our outstanding and highly professional safari team is well equipped to provide you the most astounding safari of your lifetime. We work towards helping all our clients make wonderful and lasting memories on their safari trip. Our travel experts will guide you regarding the best destination suiting your likes and choices. They will take you back in time to Africa’s rich history, culture and heritage with the immense ocean of knowledge that they posses.

Tanzania & Kenya

Our Vehicles

The best safari tour is incomplete without the right safari vehicle. Our customized safari mobiles are well kept and provide a great trip through the Tanzanian parks. These vehicles are explicitly designed to accommodate more number of people, with spacious seats and comfortable rides. You can shoot videos, take photographs and while traversing through the parks and reserves. Our own personalized squadron of vehicles includes SUV exchange vehicles, smaller scale transports, and outdoors supply trucks.

Safari Vehicle
Safari Vehicle
Safari Vehicle
Safari Vehicle

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