Known as the home of Mount Kenya, the second tallest mountain of Africa, the pristine natural scenery and wildlife of Mount Kenya National Park surround the iconic mountain. Kenya Safari Tours in this reserve is famous for hiking on Mount Kenya with three peaks which are Batian, Nelion, and Lenana peak. Among the three peaks, a summit for one peak needs hiking while summit of others requires the technical skills of trekking. The most spectacular magnificent and blissful scenic view of this park can be enjoyed while hiking on a higher altitude of Mount Kenya.

With unusual floral species, Mount Kenya National Park is full of immaculate wilderness, lakes, tarns, glaciers, dense forest, and mineral springs. Mount Kenya is listed under the UNESCO World Heritage Site whereas; Mount Kenya National Park goes under UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

In east Africa, Mount Kenya’s landscapes are rugged glacier-clad summits and forested middle slopes. In the tropical forest of Mt. Kenya, spotting buffalo and elephant is easy. The unique montane and alpine vegetation of Mount Kenya National Park is the habitat of elephants, tree hyrax, suni, black-fronted duiker, mole rat, white-tailed mongoose, bushbucks, waterbuck, and elands.

The terrain forest of this park is the home of antelope and giant forest hogs. With prolific birds on its tropical base, spot buffalos and elephants wherein bamboo forest, spotting Colobus and other monkeys is easy during Kenya Safari Tours. Forest reserve protecting the wildlife and surrounding the second tallest mountain Africa, itself a sparkle, which can make safari unique and enjoyable.



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