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How does a Typical Day start on Kenya Safari Tours?

The Kenya Food breakfasts start with Chai which is typically milky and sweet. You can supplement the chai with a slice of bread or a piece of fruit. Mandazi which is deep-fried dough and is available in more affluent households simply tastes heavenly that you will encounter on your Kenya Safari Tours.

What is offered for Drinks and Snacks?

For Drinks and Snacks again tea and coffee are popular beverages that are grown across the country and are popular Kenya Food. On your exciting Kenya Safari Tours, you will find maziwa lala, a type of fermented milk which is consumed even by a lactose intolerant person. You can try Mishkaki (which are small meat pieces barbequed on an open fire), or Corn roasted slightly on the open fire still in their husks; or Samosas, which are small triangular deep-fried dough packets with highly spiced meat or vegetables inside as snacks items in Kenya.

What is offered on Lunch and Dinner?

Ugali is the staple Kenya Food and is consumed by a large population of masses. It is usually served as a white stiff porridge. Boiled rice is another staple food served both in lunch or dinner. It is usually altered into a wonderful fragrant mound of colourful hues infused by the spices added like saffron on occasions of celebrations or festivals.

They serve stews made of vegetables such as tasty bean dish with onions, tomatoes and spices boiled together, making a thick bean sauce) or simply a meat stew. Chappatis also dominate the staple food of the region that you will witness on Kenya Safari Tours. Apart from that “nyama choma” or burner meat is a flavoursome Swahili barbeque of goat or beef meat.

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Kenya Food

Kenya Food

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