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Located near to the equator, Kenya is known for its stunning beauty of magnificent landscapes, dense lush green vegetation, forested hills, lakes and reservoirs. Kenya Travel Guide clears the mind of everyone by solving which destination should get high priority and when to visit for Kenya Safari Tours.

Bordered by Indian Ocean, Kenya can found in the eastern Africa with more than 40 Kenya National Parks and game reserves. With a magnificent geography and vast natural diversity, Kenya is the home of hufge variety of wildlife. The legendary Great wildebeest migration played by Serengeti-Mara ecosystem can be found in Massai Mara National Reserve. To watch the vast ecological game in Kenya, August to October is the best time to visit Masai Mara National Reserve, as per Kenya Travel Guide.

The world-famous national parks, lakes, tribal peoples and superb beaches of Kenya are work like magnet to attract the people from worldwide. Home of Africa’s second highest mountain, Kenya is also favoured by the new as well as professional trekkers.

Choosing the off the beaten track, one can meet with the Kenyan tribes or ethnic groups during Kenya Safari Tours. The muddy farm tracks, corrugated-iron huts, tea shops and lodging houses, and streets wandered by goats and children can be found something unique beauty of local Kenya.

Kenya Travel Guide make you familiar with the beauty, warmth and openness of superb scenery like rolling never-ending savannah dotted with Maasai herds and wild animals. The high Kikuyu moorlands grazed by cattle and sheep, and dense forests full of monkeys and the scenery Great Rift Valley are the exotic live beauty can be enjoyed in between December and February.

Enjoying the most spectacular view of Mount Kilimanjaro and large herds of elephants can be seen from observation hill of Amboseli National Park. The beauty of Kenyan Coastline and lush emerald forest near the waterfall can’t be avoided.

As per Kenya Travel Guide, the Best Time To Visit Kenya is from July to September, because of the dry season, coinciding with the Great Migration while in rainy seasons, the striking emerald beauty is admirable.

Kenya Travel Guide

Kenya Travel Guide

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