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Climbers often have this common query of – Can You Climb Kilimanjaro without Guides? Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing is not easy without a guide as it is the highest mountain peak of Africa. A Kilimanjaro Guides is a professional with decades of climbing experience who help hikers for a smooth and safe journey. The Kilimanjaro Local Guides instruct other crew members to set the tent and make a comfortable arrangement to save you from cold. It is one man who knows how to handle tough situation and help everyone at the same time in a same situation.

Kilimanjaro Guides are the men, who love Mount Kilimanjaro, have enough knowledge about Kilimanjaro, and help the hikers to start trekking. The guide should be highly experienced, professional and have practical knowledge about Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing and climate at higher altitudes. A Kilimanjaro crew consists of a chief guide, assistant guide, cooks, and Kilimanjaro Porters. Except guide, other crew member varies according to the number of hikers in a group.

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If you are wondering about How to Choose a Guide for Kilimanjaro, here are few things you must know about them:

  •  A Guide is also known as group leader in a crew.
  •  Guide set the place for rest and arranges the tent.
  •  As a trusted leader, he/she gives instructions to other crew members to arrange and cook food for hikers.
  •  When you feel weak or having a low energy, Guide diverts you through stories, explanations, songs, and language sessions.
  •  Guide helps you to descend down and calls rescue team when anyone falls into severe altitude sickness.
  •  Both tour and trekking guide distribute equally the tipping money to all crew members.

Our Kilimanjaro Guides are well-experienced, knowledgeable, professional and dedicated helps from the start to the end of your trekking. If you are still having any more queries regarding the climb then our Kilimanjaro FAQ list will clear all your doubts. Don’t wait longer and start planning your Kilimanjaro trip with Tanzania Safari Kenya for a exciting and memorable trip.

Kilimanjaro Guides

Kilimanjaro Guides

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