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Tanzania Destinations provides the visitors with numerous natural wonders and is a wildlife paradise. The main attractions of Tanzania Safari Tours are national parks, game reserves, uncountable delightful wildlife, and 1,100 bird species with diverse landscape. Tanzania is the home of Mount Kilimanjaro, the volcanic and majestic highest peak of Africa. The uniqueness of Kilimanjaro is it is the tallest free-standing summit in the world.

Not only Kilimanjaro the country offers some more great range of mountains. Other mountains you can explore are Mt. Ol Doinyo Lengai, Mount Meru, Usambara Mountain Range, and the Udzungwa Mountains in the country. The Best Time to Visit Tanzania is the dry season from June-September.

As a treasure of natural diversity, Tanzania Safari Destinations can be divided into 4 circuits on the basis of famous natural destinations Western Circuit, Eastern Circuit, Northern Circuit, Southern Circuit.

The Northern Circuit of the country is truly blessed with various Tanzania National Parks full of untamed game view, especially, great migration. The parks in this region are accessible and close to each other. Northern circuit world-famous parks are Serengeti, Tarangire, Arusha, Lake Manyara national parks. Tanzania national parks of north side offer great opportunities for spotting the African Big Five and birding. Southern and Western Circuits destination offers some iconic Tanzania Destinations with true wilderness and remote parks. You can explore Ruaha National Park which is settled amidst remote location. Ruaha National Park is the largest national park in the country and one of the best places to witness a decent amount of lion population.

Southern circuit offers many national parks to explore in your Tanzania Safari Tours. The wilderness of Mikumi National Park, Selous Game Reserve, Udzungwa National Park, and Kitulo National Park attract many visitors. Gombe Stream National Park in the Western circuit is a great place for chimps tracking and meeting with primate’s life.While Northern circuit destinations are great for wildlife viewing throughout the year; Western circuits are great for those who are looking for true adventure and less crowded safari.

In case of beach relaxation for your vacation, Zanzibar Island or Stone city is an exotic destination for relaxation, fun activities, and honeymoon and water sport activities. You shouldn’t miss these amazing Tanzania Destinations for any chance in this lifetime. Travel with Tanzania Safaris Kenya for best travel packages and a comfortable journey. Book your trip to Tanzania with us now!

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