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The diverse country of Tanzania offers best wildlife, scenic views and is culturally rich and varied. The Tanzania Faq’s that we provide will provide you with all the necessary information required for your Tanzania Safari Tours. Some of the frequently asked questions on Tanzania Safaris are:

  • 1. Do I need to take malaria tablets for Tanzania?
  • After clearing your doubts about – What Is the Best Time of Year to Visit Tanzania, you should also know about the risk of malaria in Tanzania. Tanzania is a malaria risk zone and is caused by the bite of the anopheles mosquito. Consult with your doctor to know about the malaria symptoms and the best medications for the prevention. You can take Malarone to avoid side effects.
  • 2. How safe is it to travel in Tanzania?
  • So you have known what is the Best Safari in Tanzania, and now you are wondering if travelling to this country is safe or not? Well, Tanzania is a safe country and the locals are friendly and warm-hearten people. Tanzania people are eager to help and assist the travelers or any tourist. You should take necessary precautions to be safe and preventing theft.Book taxis only from the established taxi ranks or hotels. Don’t go to the isolated areas like the extended shores of beach. Hide your valuable things in the pouch of your clothing.
  • 3. How hygienic the water and food in Tanzania?
  • Now that you have known the answer to your query – Is Kenya or Tanzania Safari Better, you should also know that it is necessary to drink from packed bottle water while travelling. Avoid street food and eating in empty restaurants. The Lodges and restaurants here regularly clean their produce in antiseptic solution. On the coast, make sure everything is well-cooked and seafood and fish are fresh. Also it is suggested that you travel to the country during the Best Time to Visit Tanzania as the wildlife viewing and game drives are best in this period.
  • 4. What documents do I need to enter and safe travel to Tanzania?
  • In your Tanzania Safari Packing List you need a visa, for which you should have a passport valid for at least six months after your date of entry, residence address, a return flight ticket. In the country of Yellow Fever, you will need an immunization certificate or health card.If you are a citizen of any one of UK, the US, Canada, Australia, and countries in the EU, you need a tourist visa to enter Tanzania. You can find application details and forms on Tanzanian Embassy website.
  • 5. What is the International Dialing code of Tanzania?
  • Another important Tanzania Faq’s is the International Dial-ling Code of Tanzania which is +255, which is followed by the applicable area codes. If you are calling out from Tanzania, you should dial 00 with the country code (44 for the UK, 1 for the USA).Now that your Tanzania Faq’s are cleared, start planning your trip to this wonderful country today with Tanzania Safaris Kenya as we provide the best customized services to make your Tanzania Safari Tours memorable and unique!
Tanzania Faqs

Tanzania Faqs

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