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Tanzania Safari Tours will not only amaze you with its wilderness and scenic beauty but you will be mesmerized with the unique destinations that the country has to provide. On your trip to this beautiful country, we make sure of you Tanzania Health & Safety for a secure and comfortable trip.


Your Tanzania Tourism Safety is our utmost priority. Tanzania Safaris Kenya provides you the best Tanzania Faq’s answers so that you are well aware of all your travel details.

For safety and Tanzania Health Care you need to know the following.

  •  Get a medical check-up from dentist and if you have any chronic disease such as blood pressure, diabetes or asthma, consult your doctor before leaving.
  •  Check about the spare contact lenses and glasses.
  •  Get a first-aid and medical kits
  •  Arrange necessary vaccinations for hepatitis A & B, rabies, yellow fever, tetanus, Measles, mumps, typhoid, rubella, diphtheria and Polio for your Tanzania Health & Safety.
  •  To avoid malaria, take mosquito repellents, wear long trousers, use mosquito net while sleeping.
  •  For malaria, use Malarone tablet with the least or no side effects.
  •  Carry medications in their original container on your Tanzania Safari Tours.
  •  Register with the International Association for medical advice from certified doctors.
  •  If you are carrying needles, bring the physician’s letter with the reason.

The Best Time to Visit Tanzania is from June to September. You will get the best view of the country during this time. Generally, Tanzania is a safe and calm country. We take care of your Food Safety in Tanzania. But by taking the necessary precautions, you and your things will be safe and secure.

Tanzania Health & Safety
  •  Take taxis only from established taxi ranks or hotels and never enter to a taxi, if there is someone already there except the driver.
  •  Don’t go to the isolated areas like stretches of beach.
  •  During the night take taxi while in city and tourist areas.
  •  Do not pay money in advance for a safari until thoroughly checked out the company.
  •  If a stranger asking that he/she knows you, be skeptical or avoid them.
  •  Ignore and avoid them, who are offering any safari deals and claiming to know you, in hotel or at the bus station.
  •  Hide your valuable things, passport, money and other documents in the pocket of clothing while on outside.

With Tanzania Safaris Kenya your Tanzania Health & Safety is our concern and we make it our top priority. We will provide you with the best tailor made safari packages suiting your needs and requirements. So don’t wait long and book your next Tanzania trip with us today!

Tanzania Health & Safety

Tanzania Health & Safety

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