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With a pleasant tropical climate, Tanzania Weather varies regionally by several factors such as altitude and the geography of your chosen destination. You will make the most of your Tanzania Safari Tours with Tanzania Safaris Kenya as we provide the best of travel packages and make your trip memorable and joyful. Most tropical, hottest and most humid climate you will find in Tanzania is its coastal areas. Western and southern areas are also hot but have less humidity. In the northwestern highlands, you will find very low in temperature. The high ground of the center remains dry and arid all time of the year. The Best Time to Visit Tanzania is from June to September.

We are often asked in Tanzania Faq’s about the seasons of Tanzania. Tanzania has dry season and wet season but you will face two rainy seasons and two dry seasons in most of the popular Tanzania destinations.

  • The main rainy or wet season is from March to May with high humidity. The temperature remains at least 30 degree Celsius in this time. The short wet season is in November and December with less rainfall with temperature ranging up to 40 degree Celsius.
  • The main dry season is from late June to mid-October where the rainfall is least. You can experience dry Tanzania Weather with clear blue skies during this time. The short dry season is in January and February with cool temperature. However, on the higher altitudes of Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru, you will experience sub-zero or below zero temperature at any time of year.
  • In early time of spring season, you will face heavy rainfall in southern Tanzania Weather. By mid- April, the temperature varies in between 28 to 31 degree Celsius. Summer season is a cool period in Tanzania with a temperature up to 21 degree Celsius in the central part of Tanzania while in coastal areas, the temperature remains at 27 degree Celsius.
  • In September, you will feel hotter while in mid-October, the temperature varies between 16 degree Celsius and 31 degree Celsius.In Tanzania, winter is the hottest time with temperature up to 35 degrees Celsius. In the southern Tanzania, January is the wettest month, with 9 inches of rain on average.


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Tanzania Weather

Tanzania Weather


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