• Things to Do In Kenya

As an African country, Kenya is something unique as it is on the top of East Africa’s travel destinations, famous for its unequivocal ecological and natural zones or stunning wildlife. The list of attractions in a broad point of view doesn’t stop here, as the natural hotspots of Kenya offers lot of wonderful Things To Do In Kenya.

Kenya Safari Tours increases the craze of the visitors the Things To Do In Kenya like scuba diving in Indian Ocean, trekking on Mount Kenya, watching the dazzling beauty of South Kenya coast and others.

Mount Kenya Summit

With an altitude of 5199 meters, Mount Kenya, the second highest peak of Africa offers to make the summit on different peak in different routes. Trekking to Mount Kenya is on the top of the Things To Do In Kenya.

Watching the Great Migration

The spectacular view of Great migration of wildebeest along with zebras and antelopes in between July and October can be seen in Kenya Safari Tours.

Scuba Diving in Indian Ocean

Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park offers snorkelling and scuba diving at the bottom of Indian Ocean and on demand as one of the Things To Do In Kenya. Through these water sports one can watch closely whales, dolphins, sea turtles, more than 250 species of tropical fish, and 56 different types of coral.

Lake Nakuru

Known as the paradise for the bird watchers, Lake Nakuru is famous for the flock of pink flamingos and other more than 250 bird species.

Visiting Mombasa’s Old Town

The old town of Mombasa was founded in 14th century by Swahili sultans. The old town Mombasa was also the base of the colony of Portugese and British. Known as the big port of Kenya, this old town represents the architecture, narrow streets by the mosques, coffee houses and homes having massive wooden doors can be seen in cultural part of Kenya Safari Tours.

Watching the beauty on Diani Beach

Diani beach on the south Kenya coast, Diani beach offers the combined beauty of sky, white sand and reflection of sunlight on sea at the time of dusk. The varieties of outdoor activities like kitesurfing, skydiving, and snorkelling, jet skiing can be enjoyed.

Things to Do In Kenya

Things to Do In Kenya

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